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The most important Sync / Music Licensing terms

Once you have decided to make your music available for placements in films, television, games and commercials a number of new terms will come up. Terms you should get familiar with so you will understand what the person on the … Continue reading

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That was MusicBiz Madness 2015

The MusicBiz Madness Conference 2015 started up to ist name: Madness presented itself with a false fire alarm five minutes prior to the official welcoming. Thus we got set back for an hour and had to re-schedule all speakers to … Continue reading

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Interview: Rotem Hecht

Getting your music licensed for film and television is all the rage right now, just like working from remote places over the internet. Composer Rotem Hecht combines all this. He lives far off the scene but still managed to get … Continue reading

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Pay to submit music?

If all else fails, sue – once you needed money in showbusiness you would take your old buddies to court. Those were the old days. The new business model today works quite a bit easier and doesn’t even require real … Continue reading

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Naming your songs ready for Music Libraries

Music libraries offer music for use (a.k.a. ‘synchronisation’) in film productions, television, commercials, games etc.  They usually maintain a catalog with thousands of songs and instrumental tracks.

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