Be an expert in your musical market niche

Besides the sole promotion of music, specific stylistic market niches provide a number of additional opportunirties for musicians to present themselves. In this case we are not just talking music – but lifestyle. 

Punk, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Rockabilly, Gothic, Emo – every music genre comes with a specific lifestyle which is often represented by fashion, activity and attitude.

Musicians can find a number of ways to cross-promote their art – and themselves. Hot Topic started early to present a number of selected bands and their records in stores. Strabucks followed. While such major chain stores might not be for unsigned musicians, dedicated local stores may offer a good chance to reach new audiences. Think motorcycle shops, skateboarding retailers or Hip Hop fashion stores. However, there’s still more than this:

Besides pure music media, many lifestyle and fashion websites and blogs are likely to feature a few selected artists that fit well with their concept. After having covered at least 90 percent of your musical scene you may try to address a few more potential fans through such sites and blogs.

The lifestylel idea can luckily be stretched wide enough until it fits for you. Not only the content of clearly defined fashion or lifestyle media can be enriched with your music, but also communities can be interested in the message you send with your music. Such communities can range from peace movements to political, religious or  sports groups (Skate Punk or Surfer Rock,  anybody?).

In order to really be appealing to your scene you need to represent its values, be active and where fashion plays a role dress the way they do. Image really matters once again so that your potential new fans can identify themselves with you and thus take you seriously. If you have a lot to offer and work the scene consistently you may become a figurehead for the people within your market niche.

Your benefits: Earn trust by being credible, earn popularity through additional presence. As a result, sell more music because more people get to know and like you.


Good luck – and action…

Julian Angel

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