The toilet: ideal advertising space

It’s not really new that you find advertising in restrooms, usually exactly where it all happens. Yet I see so few bands make use of it, although they could reach their audience in a usually quiet moment without any major distractions.

Now we’re not talking about public restrooms, but those directly situated in the live clubs where your next gig will take place. Instead of dropping a pile of flyers on the cigarette machine (where people are more concerned about what’s in it rather than what’s on it) take the time to ‘equip’ the restrooms with posters and flyers to advertise your next show.

Stick them where they can see them: on eye-level behind the toilets (for those standing), on the inside of each cabin door (for those seated), above urinals, on the towel dispenser, mirror, exit door…

Be funny to increase the effect your flyers have on those totally relaxed potential concert-goers. Refer to their situation (“Sit down and relaaaaax – until we get you all fired up next Friday”), offer a funny discount (“Present dirty toilet paper to get in for free”) or pay the ladies a compliment (“You really look great – we’d love to see you next Friday”) on a flyer next to the mirror.

Althought this all sounds really funny (and it should be), put your business hat on and think if there really is any better place in or around a live club where you can find a more receptive audience for your adverstising than in the restrooms. Ten flyers in the restrooms may probably save a hundred flyers dropped off on top of the cigarette machine.

– Julian Angel

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